Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Silly Hoomin Bean Sayz Asinine Ting to ME

Hi, kitty katz & woofie doggies & hoomin beanz. I wants to tellz u whatz my silly hoomin bean sayz to me. OK?

Sometimez I likez to goez down 2 our basiement & playz roundz. OK? Be-4 my sillie hoomin bean haz it closeded upz, der waz a hole in da wallz & I waz ablez to go outz ob da basiement 2 da backz yardz & eben backz in-2 da basiement fromz da backz yardz. OK?

Once, a longz timez ago, when my hoomin bean goez onz a trips to Penn-sil-vain-e-a he leebz da basiement door openz so dat I can goez outsides & katz aroundz. OK? But den he comez backz & getz madz at me cause whenz he comez homez he findz dat I haz inviteded an-other kitty kat to comez in da housie an playz wiff me. Aint dat silliez ob him? He writez bout dat longz timez ago in hiz bloggie tingie HERE. OK?

Anywayz, whenz I wantz to go downz to da basiement & playz, I askz my hoomin bean to openz da door fur me. OK? U knowz whatz my silly hoomin bean sayz to me? He sayz,

Alex, open it yourself.

Now aint dat silly!!!!! My hoomin bean knowz dat I aint gotz no thumbz to turnz da door nobz!!!!!!!!!! Aint dat asinine! (How u likez dat big wordie?)

But den my hoomin bean openz da door so dat I canz go down da basiementz & playz. OK?




Jan's Funny Farm said...

You have a basement? Sounds like a good playground. But it's probably good to let him know when you have friends over.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Zippy can open doors, would yoo like her to come over and open it fur yoo?

Anonymous said...

Playing in our basement is one of our favorite things!

The Crew said...

You got to go in the basement...that's the important thing. But I think your human needs to be reminded that he's your servant and is there to do your bidding.