Sunday, May 31, 2009

Silly Bean!

A-wex! A-wax! A-Wax Dee Kat!

Datz da wayz my hoomin bean callz 2 me dis morningz whenz I is outz sidez kattin’ awoundz. OK?

Den when my bean seez me wunningz a-krozz da yardz, he sayz:

Getz U whitez azz an blackz an gwayz tailz in dis housey!

An I comez inz day housey and den my sillyz hoomin beanz he sayz 2 me:

Dun u knowz whatz timez it iz? Itz beez 6 AM an U bin kattin’ awoundz fir allz nitez!

Silly bean! Ob kourze I dunt knowz whatz timez it iz! I aint gotz no paw watch 2 tellz da timez! OK?

Aint he a sillyz hoomin bean!

Nowz I iz gonna kat nappies.



Poetikat said...

Alex, wot are those little red spots on your fur? They look like the hot spots that our Blanche gets. We put Calendula cream on them and they heal right up. (Tell your bean, okay?)


San said...

It's high time that remarkably silly bean purchased a paw watch for you. And a time for you to: Getz U whitez azz an blackz an gwayz tailz in dis housey!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We see yoo haf more ouchies on yoo Alex, maybe yoo should stay in da house and heal up. Sleeping and eating sure is better den running and fighting.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Maybe you do need a paw watch! Take care of yourself outside!!! Have a nice nap!