Monday, October 11, 2010

I Getz NEW Toyz!

Yesserdayz MY hoomin bean and ME we watchez dis kar-tune moviez boutz Simon's Cat:

OK? Den guezz whatz! MY hoomin bean gibz ME new toyz! See:

Aint dem funz toys! OK?


China Girl said...

Look like very nice toys, Alex.

Anonymous said...

Friend Alex,
New toyz are the best!
Your friend,

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

We like the cartoon too, Alex and those sure are fun toys! Love, Pat and Simi xx woof!

Alex the Blogging Kat said...

Yes, China Girl, dey be bery nice toyz. OK?

Alex the Blogging Kat said...

Yez, Cleopatra, I hab lotz ob funz in my noxy toyz. I sleepz in 1 ob dem whilez my hoomin bean haz hiz grand-kittehz here todayz. OK?

Alex the Blogging Kat said...

I be gladz u likez dat kar-tune, Pat and Simi! MY hoomin bean showz it 2 hiz kitteh boy an dem grand-kittehz todayz & he sayz dat dat kitty kat actz jist likez ME. OK? Aint dat sillyz ob him.