Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pikturez ob ME and MY Fwendz

Here b pikturez ob ME and MY fwendz, Sugar and Anne and Dina and MY hoomin bean who b calleded Sometimes Saintly Nick.

Sumtimz I nappyz wif MY hoomin bean. OK?

Sumtimz I nappyz on da desky. OK?

Dis b sillyz Sugar wiff 1 ob her toyz. OK?

 Sumtimz Sugar nappyz wiff her toyz. OK? 

Anne holz Sugar likez she b a mus-tash. Aint dat sillyz? OK?

Sumtimz ME and Sugar eatz kitty kat treatiez onda deskyz. OK?

MY hoomin bean dunt wantz ME to nappyz wiff MY head unner da backs ob hiz lifty chair. Buts I forgetz. OK?

Sugar she nappyz eberwherez. OK?

Dis b Anne and Dina and Sugar. OK?

Dina bisited us whenz MY hoomin bean haz katz-or-acts takenz fum hiz eyes. She putz doppiez in MY hoomin beanz eye. OK? I wunner whatz kindz ob kitty kat    katz-or-acts iz? 

Diz be whenz I wrotz MY bloggie. OK?

Here I b lookinz fir foodz. OK?

Anne dunt gibz ME dun. OK?

I all-moss getz foodz fum MY beanz sammach but he moobz it 2 fasty. OK?

Sumtimz ME andf SUgar nappyz on topz ob my hoomin bean. OK?

Dat be allz fir nowz. OK?


Carol said...

Alex, you have some life! You are surrounded by friends and you are well-loved. I wrote your hoomin and I told him that I trusted him to give you just the right amount of treats. If you don't think that you are getting enough of them, you write me again and we'll talk.

D.R.W. said...

Alex, katz-or-acts are very meanz kittehs

Abby said...

u & Sugar B funny katz, Alex.

Everycat said...

Alex it's lovely to see you and all your friends together. We hope your Dad's eyes will be ok now.

Oliver & Gerry

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Alex. It's great to see pictures of you and your friends. Love, Pat and Simi in Sicily. xx woof!