Monday, December 3, 2012

We B Gonez Longz Timez OK?

Dis b Alex an da udder kitty kat kids. We b gonez fur a  longz, longz timez. OK? My hoomin bean hab twoublex wiff some bean nameded Ma Bell and she b meanz and dunt letz us b on da Indernetz. OK? But nowz we b backz and I showz u allz pikturez ob me an Sugar an Little Girl an eben my hoomin bean. OK?

Diz b Little Girl. She b still kitten kitty kat. She b silly an getz into lotz of troublez and ME and Sugar bopz Little Girl onz her headz. OK

Diz b Sugar wiff Little Girl. Sugar aint sillyz likez Little Girl. OK?

Diz be ME and Sugar. We playz butz we dunt b wuffs da wayz dat Little Girl playz. OK?

Sometimez Little Girl wantz ME an Sugar to chasez her but we dunt doed it. OK?

U noez dat MY hoomin bean aint gotz good healthyz an he napz in his chair an silly Little Girl pullz hiz hairz. OK?

When MY hooomin bean eatz hiz dinnerz I sitz an lookz an askz fir somez ob itz butz sometimez I dunt likez whatz MY hoomin bean eatz. OK?

Little Girl likez 2 watchz da Animul Plandet onz da telabizionz. OK?

Sometimez Sugar an Little Girl boff b sillyz. OK?

Dat b allz fir nowz. WE gotz lotz mor pikturez I showz U soonz. OK?


Abby said...

Love the photographs, Alex.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

You are a brave kitty to live with 2 other cats, Alex! Sugar sounds like a nice friend. I hope Little Girl learns to play soft with you all.

Karen & Cleopatra

Angel's Furbabies said...

We'z very glad youz all okayz!
Youz V bootiful katz youz iz.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Glad you're all back, Alex and that you and Sugar are keeping Little Girl in order! Love to you and your hooman beanz. xx woof from Simi.

CHINA GIRL said...

You are beautiful kitty cats! Love you all.

Jody said...

i luv u, alex and sugar and little girl

Anonymous said...

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