Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My New Nappiez Chair

ME and MY hoomin bean habz a bery nice Easser. OK?

Den MY hoomin bean he bwingz chair into hiz libwawy so dat MY hoomin bean and hiz fwiend can playz chessie. (I dunt knowz howz to playz chessie. OK?) See:

Den I findz outz dat dat chair be a bery, bery nice place to take nappiez. OK? See:

I likez dat! OK?


Abby said...

That is a very nice chair for nappies, Alex.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend Alex,
It is hot here now, so I lay around like that a lot! My hoomin was resting on her bed and didn't notice that the wind blew the door shut. I'm not supposed to be on the bed (my hoomin's husband says No Katz on Bed!) but I snuck up there twice. My hoomin almost forgot to make me get down! But then she realized that I was locked in the room, so she opened the door for me. Then I went downstairs and found my boyz.
Your friend,

PS: My hoomin's husband isn't all bad: he chose the sofa colors to match my beautiful fur! And he is very nice to trim my nails when they get too long.

CPT Nemo said...

Alex, I like your chair and I also like your human's chess board.

Lady Di Tn said...

hope yoz and your hoomin had a great bunny of an Easter. That chair looks like a perfect nappin place. Peace