Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cain and Me

 Hi. I be Alex. OK?

I ownz a hoomin bean named Sometimes Saintly Nick. OK?

Before ME and my hoomin bean movez to dis a-partz-ment I getz to playz outsidez and I hab lotz ob kitty kat fwiendz. OK?

But nowz da hoomin beanz here dunt letz me playz outsidez. Dey dunt letz no kitty katz playz outsidez. So I lookz outz da windowz for kitty katz butz I dunt seez no kitty katz. OK?

Dis be Anne. She comez to out partmentz to libez wiff us and helpz pay da rentz. OK?

Dis be Cain, da kitty kat dat ownz Anne. OK?

I twyz to be Cain's kitty kat buddy butz Cain be skaredy kat an he jumpz on ME an bwings blud to da scuffy partz ob my neck, I dunt likes dat. OK?

So now I hab a kastle neath dis chair an I hizzes at Cain when he comes by an sometimez we fightz an Cain he wunz awayz cause I winz da fightz. OK?

Sometimez Mz Anne she takez Cain fir a ridez. OK?

Den I comez outz frum neathz my chair an I nappiez unner my ownz sunbeam. OK?

MY hoomin bean tinkz dat he canz makez Cain an ME be buddies if we sharz kitty kat nippies. Cain doez da nip an getz sillyz but I jist lookz at da nip an at sillyz Cain. OK?

I dunt knowz if I eber be buddiez wiff Cain. I jist tinkz boutz it some moorz whilez I baffz. OK?


Abby said...

O Alex, it will be so nice when you like Cain & have a kitty cat buddy in your house.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, dear, we hope you two kitties can become friends since you live in the same apartment. But he better stop beating you up and drawing blood.

Mike Golch said...

Oh just make nioce with each other and give both your hoomans some peace.

Lynilu said...


Maybe in time, Alex, Maybe in time.

Susan said...

Listen Alex, you are still King Cat. I almost brought home a kitten the other day, but I knew that Artemis would see her reign of terror in peril. Since you are both toms, you will need some time getting used to one another. But you will need each other whenever your human decides to go away for a bit--Artemis gets really lonely when I'm not around, even when the rest of my family stick around. She sees me as another cat. It's good to have cats for friends.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'm sure you'll become friends soon, Alex. Meanwhile, not every cat has his very own sunbeam, you know! Love from Pat and Simi in Sicily. xx woof!

Jewel said...

Hope you soon become friends, or at least come to a truce.

Anonymous said...

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Everycat said...

Alex we hope you and Cain can be friends. Sometimes it just takes time and then some.

Gerry & Oliver

Anonymous said...

Friend Alex,
I hope you have become friends by now. My hoomin brought home an invader named Fiji (you can read about it here) but we never did get along.
Fiji tried to sneak up on me and chase me and I didn't like that at all. I hissed a lot to tell her to leave me alone. So my hoomin called her cousin and the cousin already knew Fiji so Fiji went to live at that apartment.

Some of my hoomin's friends have 2 katz and my hoomin's sister haz A LOT of katz! So I hope you can be friends with Cain.

I made a big move with my hoominz. We traveled in the car for 5 days. My hoomin sayz I am the World's Best Traveler! Now we have a new home and a new blog called Spokalulu.

Your friend,

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