Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Diz B MY Fwend Sugar

Diz be my fwend Sugar:

Sugar libes wiff ME nowz an MY hoomin bean B iz nowz Sugar's hoomin bean. OK?

Sugar b swilly kat. OK? Sometimez I haffa bopz her on da topz ob her headz. But she dunt mindz cause she b bery youngz kitty kat an she tink I be her ole bwother. OK?

Herez b somez morez pikchurez of Sugar and ME. OK?

Dat wed on Sugar's face b dat swilly kat'z tonguie!

Suger an ME, we b fwiendz now. OK? We playz lotz an we napz lotz. OK?

I showz u more pikturez ob ME an Sugar real soonz. OK?


Anonymous said...

Friend Alex,

I'm glad Sugar is your friend and that she knows you are in charge! I hope you get the warmest heat vents. That is my favorite place to sit.

I tried to be friends with Fiji... okay, no I didn't, but she didn't try to be my friend, either! She went to live with my hoominz cousin and I am very happy to have the house all to myself. (I still share it with my hoominz but the oldest 2 man-cubs are away at college.)

Your friend,

Victor Tabbycat said...

Alex, you an Sugar b good furiends. Nina an I iz good furiends, too. Take good care of yur hooman together, ok?

Everycat said...

Hello Alex and new firend Sugar. Sugar sure is beautiful and we are very happy that you are now both good friends. Your Dad is very kind to give Sugar a home

Oliver & Gerry

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hey, Alex, how neat you have a friend and brother now. Isn't it fun to have another kitty to play with?